Friday, September 30, 2016

The best thing and worst thing about high school

We are almost a month into my first year of high school it's been wild ride so far. My teachers are great, my classes are fun, and overall I love the freedom you get.

 So far for me the best thing about high school is my freedom. Unlike and of my districts lower schools, the high school has an open campus. An open campus is like the ability to go in out of the school during the day, for example during lunch any my free periods I'm able to leave the school and go out for pizza or Chinese food or even going to 7-eleven. Yes there comes responsibility with an open campus like making sure ur back  on time to make ur classes and not fooling around, but as long as ur careful and manage ur time well u should be fine and have a great time.

Although the high school has been great for me the worst thing about high school has been the pressure. During high school unlike any other schools you must worker harder and focus more then you ever have before, why? Well to be successful in life of course, to graduate, to go to college and so much more accomplishments in life. For me personally I must work and study harder then I ever have before. Although for me this is the worst thing about high school I Know later that all this hard work and time studying will pay off and help me to have a successful future.

High school is great and I know that in the years ahead there will be bumps and bruises but I also know I will be successful and love the years ahead.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Garden of eden

Today in class we read and went over the passage about the garden of eden. For homework we were then asked to explain who's fault it really was that Got everyone kicked out of the garden of eden. I believe it was eves fault for them being kicked out of the garden of eden by god because she was on the one who grabbed and ate the fruit. Although yes the serpent tricked and persuaded her to eat the fruit, at the end of the day she didn't have to listen to the serpent and she was the one who grabbed and ate the fruit even though being told by go not to touch it. This my explanation on how who I think was at fault for god kicking everyone out of the garden of eden.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flood story

"Flood Story"

Over the course of history    
there have hundreds of different so called "flood stories" spread out between many cultures. While all the stories are almost completely different in characters, landscape, ect, all the stories have the "hero" of their perspective stories that helps solve the main conflict of their story. In the story In the "Bundaba" flood I found many similarities to the flood story "The Epic Of Gilgamesh". In the Bundaba flood story it starts with some kids treating a bird shamefully, then as a result they upset the great god who punished them and all of their people leaving only a few survivors. This type of story has been rewritten in thousands of other cultures all having similarities and differences on how the story is told.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog! I am a student in ninth grade at Roslyn High School. I am creating this blog because my English class and I are creating a blog to publish our thoughts and ideas to others to see. Just to give a little background about me is that I love playing and watching sports, and I love reading  interesting articles, books, ect.